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Adult Class

Adult classes are conducted in a classical Japanese format where we focus on developing martial skills in Koryu and Kobudo. Each class is taught in a non-competitive, relaxed and friendly manner. However, classes can be physically and (sometimes) emotionally demanding.

Like all Koryu Arts, the lineages studied at the Gi Yu dojo have been directly passed down from teacher to student through regular hands on practice. Repetition and observation are essential to learning Japanese martial arts. We consider martial arts to be a lifetime learning process where the goal should not be rank alone but rather the student’s personal development. The pursuit of this never ending challenge is the true objective of marital arts. Even those individuals who have trained for many years still find new areas for growth.

While students may attend class as often or as little as they choose, those who wish to progress in the art form need to attend one class per week at a minimum. Regular class attendance shows the student’s dedication to the art, the dojo and the entire student body. We aim to maintain and build a community spirit in our training hall.

We begin class with a review of basic techniques including punching, kicking, receiving, counter striking and grappling, all of which provide a solid foundation to build upon. We firmly believe that repeated practice of basic techniques is the best path to mastery. After review of basics, students receive personal instruction in kata (fight sequence simulation), kaeshi waza (counter techniques), henka (variations), randori (sparring) and weapons techniques, which increase the student’s skill level dramatically.

Adult class training at the Gi Yu dojo encompasses the following art forms: Taijutsu, Jujutsu, Dakentaijutsu/Koppojutsu/Kosshijutsu, Bojutsu, Kenjutsu/Iaijutsu, Tantojutsu, Ninjutsu, Bujutsu—Sojutsu (spear), Naginata (glave), Kusarifundo (chain weapons), Shuriken (throwing projectiles). Our school has an extensive history as having been part of both the Bujinkan and the Jinenkan organizations. Ultimately we decided that the Gi Yu dojo and Kyo Kai was the best place and format for our students and instructors. Over time, our philosophy has always remained the same: train in the basics until they are second nature, develop students who not only become warriors but are also strong in character and help the community around us.

Please click the button below to complete an application and we will promptly reach out to you to schedule a time to visit our dojo. We are always interested in adding additional students to our training group. Adult classes are held throughout the week and on weekends. Observation times are scheduled on Tuesday evenings by appointment only.

Our Martial Arts Training Encompasses:

Skills and Techniques of Unarmed Combat 

The art of grappling

The art of bone breaking and striking

The Art of the Staff, Techniques Using Staffs of Various Lengths

The Art of the Japanese Long  and Short Sword, Drawing of the Sword, Tamishigiri (Test Cutting)

The Art of Knife Fighting

Weapon Art Forms 


Skills from the Infiltration Experts of Japan’s Feudal Period

We at the GiYu Dojo challenge you to do something today that will give you greater self- confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to protect yourself, those you love, and your community. Martial Arts training will help you develop and keep a positive mental attitude and guide you on the path to a successful life. A great way to learn to defend yourself, get in shape, and relieve stress.

To schedule a class viewing please email us at Please note that class viewings are by APPOINTMENT ONLY and limited to Tuesday evening classes. Thank You.

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Class times vary—please contact us for the most current information and schedule.

The Gi Yu Dojo

The Gi Yu Dojo and Sukh Sandhu Martial Arts are affiliates of the Gi Yu Dojo Kyo Kai