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Our Instructors

We offer high quality instruction in a challenging, peaceful, patient environment.

Doug Sunnenberg


Doug's martial arts journey began in 1991 and he has been ranked a Sho Dan with the Bujinkan Organization and a Ni Dan with the Jinenkan Organization. He is retired from Ford Motor Company after 32 years of service and his formal education is in Physics and Mathematics. He is very involved with the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite. Doug is a certified NRA rifle, pistol and shotgun instructor.

Sam Foster


Sam's martial arts training is extensive and he has achieved the following ranks: Cho Dan in Tae Kwon Do, Brown Belt with the Bujinkan and a Ni Dan with the Jinenkan. Sam also continues to train in archery and European fencing, specifically the epee and schlager.

James Sutton


His interest in martial arts began as a young boy and he explored Moo Du Kwan, Aikido, and Aikijutsu. He has achieved the rank of Ni Dan in both the Bujinkan and Jinenkan Organizations. James works as a Physician Assistant in emergency medicine.

Brittney Mooney


Brittney began her training at the age of 6 in Tae Kwon Do and would achieve the rank of Second Degree Black Belt. She works as a culinary professional.

Jaye Sandhu


Jaye is an avid student of all Martial Arts, History & Philosophy and has cross trained in many martial art forms to better himself and to better help his training partners. He also trained in the Bujinkan for a few years. During his years in the Jinenkan organization he achieved the rank of Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in 2003.He is currently ranked at Yon Dan (4rd Degree Black Belt as of 10/2013) in The Gi Yu Dojo Kyo Kai.He works in Business Administration & Management with a focus in the SAAS space to improve processes and systems.

Todd Engelman


Todd dedicated a lot of his time as an instructor with the kids class. His training experience began when he was in middle school and includes Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. Todd is a Lt. Col. in the Air Force Auxiliary and earned the Highest Award for Valor in 2005. He hold a Master's Degree in military operations with joint warfare specialization and works as an Aerospace Engineer with the United States Air Force.

Chris Zapata


Chris's training started as a teenager in martial arts in Kick Boxing, Kenpo, Kali and Muay Thai. He stepped away from martial arts in his late twenties and started with the Gi Yu Dojo in his forties and has reached the rank of Ni Dan. Chris is a retired Fire Department Captain and Firefighter Paramedic and now works as a Fire Inspector. His philosophy is there are no shortcuts in life, you have to put in the time and hard work to get what you want.

Adam Ciarlariello


Adam is very helpful with the kids class. He has extensive experience with coaching and athletics in track and field and football professionally. Adam has worked as a Teacher, Principle, and in the Office of the Superintendent.

Dr. Andreas Syllaba


Andreas’s martial arts journey started with Tang Soo Do and later Aikido. When Andreas first started training at The Gi Yu Kyo Kai over 8 years ago, he discovered something deeper and that historically precedes these other arts: the ancient lineages of KoRyu/ KoBudo that have been faithfully transmitted through and to our master instructor, Sensei Sukh Sandhu, Kancho. Andreas' training philosophy is that attention to the small things creates life-changing results. Professionally, Andreas has credentials in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine practicing the art and science of Osteopathic Medicine and is adept as an interventional pain physician.

Mary Ellen Smith


Mary Ellen started Martial arts in high school studying Taekwondo and continued her training through college. She came back to the martial arts community in 2015 when she found the Gi Yu Dojo. Four years later she achieved ShoDan (1st degree Black Belt). Mary Ellen holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering. She is currently a Project Engineer for a large convenience store company. Mary Ellen’s philosophy on training is: “Try to hold a ‘beginners mind’ and learn from everyone because you will become incrementally better each time you train both physically and mentally.”

Jeremy Penn


Jeremy is a Aircraft Maintenance Manager with 20 years aircraft maintenance experience. He is currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on project management. He grew up in Kona Hawaii and served six years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He primarily wrestled in high school and in the military. He dabbled in different martial arts throughout the years. After the military, while working in Detroit he was introduced to and trained in the Genbukan organization of KoRyu Budo. At this point his passion for KoRyu styles of Japanese martial arts are what he wanted to continue to study. He eventually settled in the Miami Valley where my real journey in martial arts began with the Gi Yu Dojo. In January of 2019 he began pursuing his passion under Sensei Sukh Sandhu. “The study of martial arts, I believe, is about the personal pursuit to become the best person you can be. Not just in a physical way but to also strengthen characteristics that show good morals and values.”

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