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A Classical Japanese Martial Arts Training Center

Who We Are

The Gi Yu Dojo is a traditional Japanese martial arts school with specific focus in the Koryu Arts and Kobudo. Our school is located in Centerville, Ohio, and we offer classes for adults and children with strict emphasis on personal growth, physical fitness, and discipline. We have built a family of students and we are proud of the high standard we have established for all those who train in our schools. Through martial arts, we strive for continuous improvement in mind, spirit, and body.


Weekly Schedule

Monday - Saturday


“Perfection is the ideal, but the never ending journey is what makes it worthwhile."

— Sensei Sandhu

Gi Yu Kids
CORDS Program


I have been impressed from my very first day with Sandhu's determination to create a caring community of fellow learners, fellow teachers, and supporters of one another's aspirations. I believe that in our contemporary culture most people lack experience of community beyond their immediate family, and perhaps those with whom they share a specific ideology such as religious denomination. Community can be more than that, and should be. I am an astonishingly inept kobudo trainee. I really do not know how anyone can watch me for five minutes without laughing. Yet, I have never felt for a fraction of a second embarrassed or disdained -- only encouraged. I know that as long as I try to learn, my dojo will try to teach me.
Cynthia D.
High School Biology Teacher (age 50)
Thank you Sensei Sandhu for teaching me with honesty. I love training in a classical real martial art that I find is highly applicable in today's world!
Aman B.
The Gi Yu Dojo Is The Best Place To Train! I started training in the Gi Yu Dojo some years ago and I can honestly say that it is the best place to train because it is a family thing. They want to not only produce people with the skills to protect themselves but they want to produce people that truly care about others and the community that they live in. Of course you will get in shape, learn to protect yourself, and become a better person, but what is even more amazing is the air of respect and friendship! I have been involved with sports for most of my life but everyday I train at the Gi Yu dojo I walk away not only with lessons about self–protection but lessons that carry over into my everyday life as well. If you want to have Fitness with a Purpose, you should definitely come and train with these guys. Their doors are always open and the teachings are accessible to young or old. Looking forward to seeing you in the Gi Yu Dojo!
Jaye S.
I have enjoyed studying under Sukh Sensei and the black belts immensely. The training is more than a physical exercise; it is the search for excellence in Budo. Sukh Sensei repeatedly puts the emphasis on refining basic techniques to build ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. He discusses the importance of character an perseverance. I have found that by training on a regular basis has given me significant benefits. I feel more focused day to day and feel stronger. My friends have noted that I seem happier and more relaxed even in times of stress like we all have.
Andrea S.

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Class times vary—please contact us for the most current information and schedule.

The Gi Yu Dojo

The Gi Yu Dojo and Sukh Sandhu Martial Arts are affiliates of the Gi Yu Dojo Kyo Kai