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About GiYu Dojo

The Gi Yu Dojo has had many different names through the years. It was the original Dayton Bujinkan Dojo (in the 80s) and then it was the first Jinenkan Dayton Dojo (late 90s) and then the Jinenkan Gi Yu Dayton Dojo (2004) and now finally it is just the Gi Yu Dojo (2007 and on). Through these many phases, the dojo’s main philosophies have never changed. Drill the basics over and over and make them second nature to your body. Develop students who are not just great warriors, but leaders with even better characters. Members of our community with strong leadership qualities. We study a classical Japanese martial art (Kobudo), to help us attain those two qualities. By also integrating real life scenarios (combat firearms, street applicable techniques, aggression avoidance, and leadership realization) we feel we are helping create not just a strong warrior, but a warrior who knows right from wrong.

In 2004 Fumio Manaka (Kancho of The Jinenkan Organization) honored us by naming our dojo “Gi Yu”. He always said he held our dojo to a higher standard than any other in his organization. Gi Yu translates to “Justice and Courage”, two qualities he believed exemplifies our training and spirit in our training hall.

Justice Symbol

GI (Justice)

Means to be completely honest with all people in all situations. Belief of complete justice, not from any other person's perception, but of your own. There is no gray area in justice, there is only right and wrong.

YŪ (Courage)

Means to stand up when others back down. To be above ordinary men. To not be afraid to act. A Budoka must have absolute heroic courage. It is life or death, complete risk and complete danger. This is not blind courage, it is absolute intelligence and strength. Without courage, you are not truly living life completely.


Symbolizes nature, which relates to using the martial art we study in a natural way. No excess of movement, clear and direct. Bamboo is both strong and flexible. Yet it is always straight forward. This also demonstrates the Gi Yu Dojo’s philosophy of integrity, honesty and straightforwardness. A great warrior needs to be strong and flexible with their movements and thought process, yet their spirit is never wavering and direct.


Means the way of the warrior. This is more of an intrinsic quality we are trying to develop at the Gi Yu Dojo. This quality goes hand in hand with the physical training of Kobudo. The process of refining one’s spirit and “polishing” one's character is a never ending venture. Our instructors and students strive on a daily basis to not only become better fighters, but better people. To become ”productive” members of our communities is a paramount ideal everyone should work towards.

Nin Po

Translates to the way of perseverance. This is the “ninja” creed. The military/ police in any country have a “standard” standing army and also a “special” forces division. This is how ninjutsu and bujutsu go hand in hand (as the art of Kobudo). At our training hall we study several classical Japanese martial lineages and a few of those are considered “ninja styles”.

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The Gi Yu Dojo

The Gi Yu Dojo and Sukh Sandhu Martial Arts are affiliates of the Gi Yu Dojo Kyo Kai