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Rank Standards Affiliate School Opportunities

If you discover you like the ideals, no nonsense training, and character of the GiYu Dojo and would like to be able to proudly hold a rank from The GiYu Dojo then we would encourage you to come train with us directly at our facility (Dayton, OH.) or come to as many workshops as possible held around the world. The GiYu Dojo is dedicated to the training of the martial arts. Thus, we foster the skill set before the rank recognition, therefore if you are training in martial arts for the rank, then your skills will show through and you will not be able to pass the rank standards. If you would like to train with us directly you must fill in the APPLICATION TO TRAIN FORM.

 Each rank up to 1st DAN ends with controlled (safe) randori (sparring).  You will need to train directly with Accredited and Licensed Instructors of the GiYu Dojo.  Before an exam please request and print off the RANK TESTING APPLICATION FORM and bring it with you to the test.

After achieving the coveted rank of 3rd DAN you are able to apply for an Official Teaching License (Dojo-cho Certificate) from The GiYu Dojo.  The standards of the Dojo-cho License are high and must be adhered to with utmost diligence.  To apply to be an Official Affiliate School of The GiYu Dojo please contact us at 937-435-2203 or


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Class times vary—please contact us for the most current information and schedule.

The Gi Yu Dojo

The Gi Yu Dojo and Sukh Sandhu Martial Arts are affiliates of the Gi Yu Dojo Kyo Kai