Buckeye Judo Club

The Buckeye Judo Club was established in 2007 and is an official member of USA Judo.  Buckeye Judo has a rich history of successfully producing Judo champions and many outstanding students.
The Buckeye Judo Club’s mission is to produce National and International Level Athletes.  Training is centered mainly on Sport Judo and winning Judo tournaments. However, whether your goal is to compete, learn self defense, or just get a great physical workout, training at the Buckeye Judo Club is for you!  

Eric Schwartzhoff - 5th Degree Black Belt (Godan)
Head Instructor
39 Years of Judo Experience

Consistently Places 1st or Top 5 at the Masters and Nationals

Ron Houck - 2st Degree Black Belt (Nidan)
USA Judo
Head Coach
10+ Plus Years of Judo Experience
Accomplished Judo Player at the State, Regional and Local Levels
Green Belt Kempo Karate

Ed - 4th Degree Black Belt (Yondan)
USA Judo
Assistant Coach
25+ Plus Years of Judo Experience
Accomplished Judo Player at the National, State, Regional and Local Levels

Judo (joo' doh) (Jp. "gentle way", "the way of suppleness/pliancy/flexibility"). 
A Japanese martial art emphasizing grappling techniques based on the notion that softness overcomes hardness. Although the term had been in limited use during the Tokugawa era, Judo in its modern form was founded by Professor Jigaro Kano in 1882, during the Meiji period. Both an art of self-defense and a sport which has enjoyed Olympic recognition since 1964, judo is practiced in almost every country in the world. Judo, which derives from jujutsu, rests upon the principal of turning an opponent's strength to one's own advantage and overcoming by skill rather than by strength alone. Although not the only strategic element, a primary principal of judo is that of taking of advantage of aggressive force by giving way rather than resisting it--hence the terminology "soft" or "yielding" way.
Jigaro Kano's Judo would not be complete without citing the two basic ideas of Judo:
1. Maximum efficiency with minimum effort and 
2. Mutual benefit
Practice which follows these principles is good judo; practice which neglects either is not. 

For more info contact:

 Mr. Schwarthoff at 937-241-3307 or 
 Gi Yu Dojo at 937-435-2203